Testimonials of Temple Emanuel of Newton´s Jewish Heritage Trip to Argentina

It was my

absolute pleasure to host a 30 people group from Temple Emanuel of Newton that visited Argentina in March 2012. The Jewish Heritage trip was led by Temple Emanuel’s Argentinean

cantor Elias Rosemberg.

Bellow you

can read the testimonials.

Valeria Duek, Director of Kosherlat.

 “Hi, Valeria!

I never really told you what a pleasure it was

all these months working with you and planning our wonderful trip.  Your

patience and help with the thousands of details and requests  made the whole experience simply

wonderful.  When I think back to last September when Elias asked me to do

organize this, I never imagined how wonderful an adventure we would have. 

Jeff and I fell in love with BA and hope to return with our children. 

It´s an amazing, vibrant city and having you lead us truly showed us the best

of Buenos Aires!

Our travelers are still flying from the experience.  Every time I speak

with one of them, they are still "on cloud nine" about the trip. 

I know I am delighted - as are Elias and Debbie.  They all want to know

where we´re going to take them next!

I hope you´re having a wonderful Pesach.  Please give Rafi a big hug and

kiss for me!

Thanks again for everything!

Best - Molly”  

“Hi Valeria,

Hard to believe we have been home for a week already!  I just want to tell

you how much Gary and I enjoyed traveling in Buenos Aires with you.  We

keep talking about what a wonderful sense of the city we came home with, from

the Jewish perspective, the historical perspective as well as the political

perspective.  Everyone that was on the trip has been talking about what an

extraordinary time we all had!  When Gary and I go to minyan in the

morning we have a mini reunion. (Someone is always wearing something they

bought in Buenos Aires!) It was such a pleasure working with you and meeting

your family. Please stay in touch and let us know if you are planning a trip to


Wishing you a Chag Kasher V´Sameach-Happy Passover!

Debbie and Gary Buchman”


“Dear Valeria,

Thank you so much for making the Temple Emanuel trip so wonderful and


People here at the Synagogue are still raving about the trip, all the

great places and institutions we visited, the food, the variety of activities and

how warmly they were greeted by the Jewish community in Buenos Aires. This

wouldn’t have happened without your expertise and your charming and sweet


I know how much time and effort you put into this trip, working for

months in every single detail. I’m grateful to you!

Warm regards, Elias Rosemberg”

“Hi Valeria

Just a short note to tell you we arrived home safely and to thank you again for

opening up your beautiful city to all of us.  It was a pleasure to spend

this short amount of time with you.  You could see in Elias´s face the joy

he too had in showing us his home town

Thank you again

Rita & Herb Gann”



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