Jewish Buenos Aires Tour
Did you know that Argentina has the largest Jewish Community in Latin America?

Did you know that in Buenos Aires there is a Kosher McDonald’s?

Did you know that Police stations located in the traditionally Jewish neighborhoods of Buenos Aires have their signs written in Hebrew?

This tour is not only about visiting meaningful sites, but more about learning and diving into the History of the Jewish immigration to Argentina, deeply exploring the tragic episodes that dramatically changed the community and celebrating the active dynamic life of the Argentinean Jewish Community as it is today.

During the itinerary, we will visit the place where the Israeli Embassy was located before a terrorist bombing attack destroyed the building in 1992. We will see the Israeli Embassy Plaza, a memorial devoted to the victims of that cruel attack.

Then, we will visit the traditional Jewish neighborhood of "ONCE" (ON-SAY). There, we will visit the new AMIA building (Mutual Association Israelite Argentina - Community Center).  AMIA was attacked in 1994, leaving a tragic balance of 85 victims.

Then, we will visit the most emblematic synagogues of the area: The Great Temple of Paso St. (Ashkenazi; built in 1929) and Shaare Tefilha (Sephardic; opened in 1936).

Last, but not least, we will learn about the permanent exhibition "Memory Illustrated" located in the subway station Pasteur-AMIA. This exhibition aims to pay tribute to the victims of the attack to AMIA as well as teach the new generations about what happened that day a few meters away.

If you have a particular interest, we will do our best to please you!

Our tours are private, hosted by Kosherlat owners (Jewish, born and educated in Buenos Aires).  This tour doesn’t run on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays.

The itinerary is subject to change according the availability of the synagogues and institutions visited.

Duration of the tour: 3 hours.

US Dollars 145 per person (a minimum of 2 visitors is required)
Single visitors and large groups, please contact

The rate includes tzedaka (contributions) to all institutions and synagogues visited during the itinerary.

The tours are paid in cash only. No down payments required.

Services included:
Private car, a driver and a Jewish English-speaking tour guide.
Pick up and drop off at your accomodation.

Full day tour also available!
In addition to the first itinerary, we will visit Belgrano neighborhood, a residential district where Jewish life has blossomed during the last four decades. There we will visit the Latin America Rabbinical Seminar, created in 1962 by Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer.

You can also combine the half a day Jewish City tour with a Buenos Aires must see attractions.

Rates will be emailed to you upon request.

Reservations up to 3 business days prior of the date of the tour.

Due to strict security measures that have to be met the following information has to be provided at the time of the reservation:

1- Full names of all the guests
2- Passports #
3- Citizenship

Contact Valeria Duek, she will get back to you within 48 business hours.

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